You know those pictures on your Pinterest that are breath taking. Those ones that are so in the moment or their so clear and you just wish you were there at that time in that place. Well I call that Pinspiration, is like how you get inspired with Tumblr posts but in this case is Pinterest posts. I have Pinspiration A LOT and recently I’ve had it with pictures of mountains. Weird huh? Yes pictures of mountains that are so breath taking. It’s weird for me because I live in the Rocky Mountains and not that pretty ones. I remember in one family vacation my parents asked me to get off my Nintendo (remember those) and look at the beautiful mountains. My respond was “We live surrounded by mountains why would I want to see more?” Ever since then I have always had a negative, disgusting thought about mountains. Now with my Pinspiration I now why I’ve had negative thoughts about mountains. My Pinspiration mountains were so beautiful that mountains weren’t ugly I just live by not so beautiful mountains.


So what I’m going to do with this Pinspiration of mountains? Well in some of the pictures of the breath taking mountains were hikers. They seemed so simple and beautiful. They were willing to step out of their comfort zone. Live in the wilderness, eat and drink not so tasty food. Walk all day, sleep in the ground, and be in the danger of strangers or even wild animals. All for what? Passion, hobby, lifestyle. I really don’t know if that’s the answer to that question but those hikers inspired me as much as the pictures did for wanting to hike for passion, hobby, lifestyle. But how? How can I step out of my ordinary life and learn to live in the wilderness. Not to mention that I’m a teenager and right now it’s not really the time to think abut hiking when I need to plan a career. Yeah I can do it when I’m a grown up and have my own life, job and hobbies. But how can I plan that when I’m not even for sure what I want to be when I grow up. No doubt ever since I was little I LOVED traveling. Loved the feeling, places,  experience even the idea. But hiking is a lot more than just that. You have to get physically prepared. Being in shape for it, being able to defend yourself. Knowing how to camp out. There’s so much more than just getting in a car or airplane. But this inspiration turned into wanderlust that I can’t ignore.


First Thing Is First


A huge part of my life is my faith. I am a Catholic which means I believe in the Body & Blood of Christ. I believe in the communion of saints, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church &  so on. But I’m not gonna talk about religion. I want to talk about God. Who is God to you? To me God is an omniscient being who created the universe & everything in it, including us. No matter what religion, we all have a God we look up to. Who we love & trust & are loyal to. We love our God so much that we even dedicate a part of our life to Him. What part of your life do you dedicate to God?  That’s what I’m gonna talk about next.

Life With God

It all started summer of 2015. I went to a beautiful retreat called A.C.T.S. I can’t tell you what happened in it because retreats don’t work like that. But this was the beginning for me. My eyes were opened, I wasn’t blind anymore. I was a very happy soul who saw life & people differently. I can say I saw everything with Gods eyes. Kindly, compassionate, love. I made new friends with people I wouldn’t even have talked too before. I even became friends again with an old friend. We got in a fight & never talked to each other for three years. That’s how much Gods love changed me. I would go to the follow up meeting which were 45 minutes away from where I live, every week. My life was going awesome with God in it. But something happened inside of me. Just like everything else, I wanted more. I wanted my faith to be bigger then just going to youth group & mass. I wanted to know more about my religion, my faith, about God. So my mom made me go to another retreat & this one gave me glasses. It made me see more clearly. My mom described A.C.T.S like a carousel & Personal Encounter With Jesus like a a Ferris wheel. I dedicate a lot more than a 45 minute drive to God. I pray every night, I try to read the Bible daily, and I have even thought about being a missionary. God is a lot more than just a religion or priority. My faith & God is in my everyday life. I try to see stuff how God would. I see everything as a blessing. I thank God for everything he has put in my life. Like the saying goes “I just don’t want to be a part time Christian with a full time God.”